Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just Grab a Fork

Oh boy, how to say this, how to say this.... well, just dive right in... 

Well, I find I am wanting to start this post with "this sign really disturbs me and so I am sharing it with you dear blog readers, to see if it disturbs you, too" when it occurs to me that maybe that will not come across as a caring way to address you. And so I am conflicted... do I share and risk offending you or do I not share? But the truth is Devastatingly Handsome was kind enough to take the photo even though it caused Mr Music to slump down out of view in the backseat lest Someone See Dad Being Weird and think ill of him (Mr Music, that is) and obviously I want to share, and anyhow, it is only mildly disturbing, the sort of thing that spurs blog posts rather than visits to a therapist. So here it is:
This sign makes me about as conflicted about the tavern as I am about this post in general. What do you think about the meatballs? I am torn between their cuteness and the thought of eating a smiling, thumbs-up meatball. Would you order spaghetti there? And, do you find the chef's smile a bit evil? And, what is he holding behind his back?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart Day at Our House

This morning Mr Music greeted me with this little buddy he'd built for me for Valentine's day... so he has been named "Valentine." Is he not awesome?
And I am just a bit conflicted about whether I ought to post a picture of the Valentine dessert I made for tonight... see, Devastatingly Handsome has asked me not to post identifying photos on my blog, and, well, I made a mini-Devastatingly. So, here is the deal: I am going to post the picture and you are on the honor system that if you see Devastatingly IRL some day you will not say, "Oh, I know you. I saw your face on a cookie on carpebanana." Please. That would be bad for our relationship.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Burglars and Bananas in the News

I am very loudly in denial of the virtual white-out outside my window here and dreaming of my upcoming trip to Barbados and blogging instead of mentioning anything at all about hating snow.

AnyasFriendMe who also happens to be TobysBrotherMe and whose blog appears to be in even deeper hibernation than this one, sent me a message about a news item about bananas. It is at a site with the duh name of . Makes me want to start one called or . But those are truisms, not blogs. Anyhow... here is the link of interest for those of us who like to carpe bananas. My dear bro commented that 

The only thing I found interesting in the comments was that three people who are allergic to bananas bothered to read and comment on an article about how good they are. I wouldn't waste my time reading an article on why kittens make great pets.

My thoughts on this post are 1) I do not think the writer has English as a first language and 2) if you try out the wart thing, let me know. I can just see strapping a peel to my leg or whatever and then telling people, "oh yes, it's a famous wart treatment."

However, this item about a burglar breaking in and folding laundry and preparing dinner is liable to make women across America think twice about home security. It also reminds me of a dream from many years ago, I think it was Miss Language who woke from a Really Scary Dream about a burglar who broke in during the night here and was making coffee and playing the piano. I much prefer the chore-oriented burglar if it is up to me. I foresee a new future for those security stickers that go on door windows:
This property not protected by dust bunnies only. Cleaning supplies are under the sink. I like my food spicy but please save some out  bland for DH. Make yourself at home and be sure to tidy up after yourself.