Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thoughts on Prepping for a Test

Disclosure: probably more than my usual level of acceptable grossness, but I wanted to keep track of these thoughts for myself.

Today is the day for one of those once-a-decade rather-unpleasant tests we are encouraged to have to avoid colon cancer. And I am ready. Or at least I hope I am.

I feel fairly confident I am clean and ready for the doctor because I followed all the assigned protocol exactly. But I have no way to be sure. Last time I thought I had done well but a bit of vegetable skin lingered behind... less than pristine, despite my sincere efforts. So today when I realized I had no way to be sure, I wondered... is this how the Old Testament saints felt after all their sacrifices? Because even if they had done everything right, they had no way to be sure. Thank God for the coming of Christ, the perfect sacrifice. We can be sure we are clean with God through His Son's blood.

Such a humbling experience, almost like corporate confession of sin. We all know we have that kind of dirt in our lives. We all know each other does. And yet we spend a whole lot of time pretending we have never seen it and being appalled when we do.