Thursday, August 29, 2013

Too Easy

Miss Language shared a 7 minute workout with us and I decided to give it a try because, really, how hard can anything be that only runs as long as about two youtube videos?
So Monday I asked Miss Dog Lover if she wanted to join me for it and her answer gave me my first inkling that it may not be as painless as I was thinking. She told me she didn't want to do it because "it's too easy."

I have a theory that Screwtape could have written a letter to Wormwood about the advantages of teaching humans not to bother with doing things that are "too easy" but saving their strength for the Big, Important Work.

Not to jot out a thank you or get well note, much too easy. Not to bother with a simple kindness at home. Not to do the easy work of memorizing a verse, or of praying for someone in need. Not to hold your tongue or your temper. Because all of these are Too Easy, and really not worth doing.

And what do you know, those 7 minutes are not actually as easy to do as they are to think about.  :-P