Saturday, August 20, 2011

Seeking Advice

Thursday we took the Bananalets on the annual trek to the amusement park. I had what I thought was a brilliant idea but couldn't get it to work. 
I thought it would be such a beautiful thing to let the wind blow bubbles from the wand as I rode the roller coaster. So I took my snazzy little bottle of Gazillion bubbles 

and while we were in line for the ride, I poured some solution in my hand and then was ready to dip the wand in and let the wind blow it out. But for some reason it didn't work very well. I could only get enough to do two dips. And they kind of burst more than blew into lovely bubbles out of the wands. I tried on a second ride but didn't do much better. One up side is this: if you are nervous about the coaster you hardly notice it while you are thinking about how could you possibly open the bottle for another dip?

Oh well. Any ideas for how to tweak it for next year's trip?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just Wondering

I love The Screwtape Letters. And lately I find myself wondering what Screwtape would have to say about Facebook. I think he would commend its use to young Wormwood, in fact, I am pretty sure he would like it much more than he likes the war. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Just picked Miss Dog Lover up from her daycamp. She had quite a day and came home all giggly.

Seems the cute boy gave her his cantaloupe. She does not like cantaloupe. So she told the gossipy girl "that is very terrestrial of him" and returned it. The gossipy girl does not know what that word means (and frankly I am a bit loss by this use, too) but it apparently it is the wittiest thing anyone could say when being given undesired fruit.

And THEN. She and I were walking a lap around the track before we headed home. And one of the staff people said to Miss Dog Lover, "Is that your Mom? The two of you look just alike." Which made Miss Dog Lover ecstatic, as she came to us by adoption and always hopes people will think she was born to me. Her wish came true today, so of course we left the girl in ignorance of the facts.

What a day!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Local Landmark Hones His Jedi Skills

A roadside eatery halfway between where I grew up and where I now live has had this kind of random super huge cowboy holding an equally huge burger my whole life. It is traditional in my family to say "HI!" loudly as you pass and to make sure he is still holding onto the giant burger. This photo is for scale.

Lately when we drive past, we have noticed that something has happened to the burger, which he used to balance right on his hand. Now it is kind of floating by his lower arm, leading to much speculation. Devastatingly Handsome thinks it is affixed with a bit of DAP but the Bananalets think it is his Jedi powers finally coming into their own.
In any case, we all agree it would be a terrible thing if this burger fell on you. And still I braved taking the photos for my loyal blog readers.  :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Feeling Like the Anti-Vampira

Devastatingly Handsome and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary a few weeks back by donating at a Red Cross blood drive for the first time in a couple years. We are just that romantic.

And so, since it had Been Awhile, today we got snazzy new blood donor cards, and a letter along with them with some somewhat overstated points:
 * you really have done something amazing. ~ wow, thanks. I laid there and let you poke a hole in me. That took a lot of talent, didn't it?
 * has anything else you've done lately made you feel this good? ~ sounds like a question my dentist would ask after I enjoy a root canal.

And how is this: I am next eligible to donate on my birthday. Anniversary... birthday... will the next one be Reformation Day? then Thanksgiving and Christmas? and maybe even Groundhog Day? hmmm...

They also thanked us with awesome t-shirts. I am so glad we live somewhere rich enough we can admit this is just ugly and stupid and not much of an impetus to go give blood:

And is it just me... or do they maybe turn some squeamish potential donors off by continuous reminders of the reality of blood such as making even their cards bright red?