Saturday, November 23, 2013

Luke 5, So Far

I'm working my way through Luke slowly, more or less memorizing it (certainly less on that geneology). Anyhow. I have the great blessing of having been churched all my life, and am struck by memories as I work through the miracles of Christ: I am pretty sure my Sunday School in kindergarten must have worked through the miracles in Luke. 

Each time I read one of them slowly, I notice I have the sense of being in the room that was our church's kindergarten classroom. Last week ago I was there, in that room, being amazed when Jesus taught the crowds from a boat and then had Simon Peter let down the nets for a catch: today I am there to see the paralyzed man's friends let him down through the roof! to be healed and have his sins forgiven. I feel some of the same wow! as I did as a little child with layers of new understanding on top of it, and I can almost feel the lacy gloves, scratchy slip, and church hat I wore in those days.

~ ~ ~

I just love Simon Peter's "at your word I will let down the nets"
and then to see all those fish flopping in the nets.